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  kunst: 15de-20ste eeuw
  hedendaagse kunst
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100 masterpieces of modern and contemporary art
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100 masterpieces of modern and contemporary art
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100 masterpieces of modern and contemporary art

The Barjeel Art Foundation

The Institut du monde arabe is proud to be presenting masterpieces from the Barjeel Art Foundation, as well as a look into the acquisitional choices made by its collector, Sultan Sooud Al Qassemi. This immensely rich collection, still little known to the Western public, is a tribute to the creative energy that hallmarks the modern and contemporary Arab art scene. Photographs, sculptures, installations, watercolours, prints and engravings all offer a way of looking at things that is both political and social, shedding light on a century of busy aesthetic activity. Major artists like Hassan Sharif, Ahmed Cherkaoui, Marwan, Adel Abdessemed, Kader Attia, Abdulnasser Gharem, and Hayv Kahraman will have pride of place, alongside less represented figures. More than a hundred masterworks illustrate the research undertaken since the beginning of the century by artists, as much in the portrait genre as in abstraction. What is more, the interaction between these compositions reveals formal and narrative echoes, while at the same time reflecting specific cultural phenomena, contradictions, and a diverse range of activities. This exhibition offers the Institut du monde arabe a chance to highlight the unusual and shrewd choices of Al Qassemi, and unveil his tastes and his love for art. They are guided by a bold determination to serve research, and develop in greater depth our scientific knowledge about modern and contemporary Arab art. The public will accordingly discover a quite novel history of art.

ISBN: 9789461613523
Uitgave gepland: 0NaN
Pagina's: 192
Illustraties: 160

Afmetingen:20 x 26 cm

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