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Power & other things
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Power & other things
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Power & other things

Indonesia & Art (1835 - now)

Charles Esche, Riksa Afiaty

The project takes its name from the demand for the transfer of power and other things to the newly independent Indonesia in 1945. It travels through time, from European colonial occupation through the development of the republican state to the trans-national contemporary cultures of today. It looks at the various international exchanges that hap- pened in the territories of contemporary Indonesia through the images and ideas of artists. The catalogue and the exhibition will follow a broad chronological narrative, allowing readers and visitors to learn more about how this huge archipelago has changed over the past two centuries and to observe how it has responded and adapted to different influences originating both from inside and outside the islands. The in unfluence of the imperial Dutch and Japanese occupations naturally form a signifcant element in the narrative of the exhibition as well as the constant struggles for different forms of independence or equal treatment by the Javanese and other Indonesian cultures. The importance of Chinese and Arab influence on its cultural history will also feature as the exhibition tries to look for other ways alongside the post-colonial for understanding the present.

ISBN: 9789461613783
Date de publication: oct 2017
Pages: 144
Illustrations: 120

Taille:21 x 26

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