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Benin - Kings and Rituals
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Benin - Kings and Rituals
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Deutsches VersionBenin - Könige und Rituale €60,00

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Where Gods and Mortals Meet
Where Gods and Mortals Meet

Benin - Kings and Rituals

Court Arts from Nigeria

Edited by Barbara Plankensteiner

With over 300 items on display, this exhibition offers an overview of art and culture in the Kingdom of Benin, from the fourteenth until the nineteenth century; it documents the fall of the independent Kingdom, its reconstitution in the twentieth century, and its continued existence until today. The exhibition marks the very first time that masterpieces from Benin, scattered all over the world at the end of the nineteenth century, were able to be brought together in a representative spectacle and to be interpreted according to up-to-date research. Apart from highlighting their importance as valuable works of art, the presentation also zooms in on their function as historical documents in the reconstruction of Benin

Copubliction: Museum f

ISBN: 978-90-5349-626-8
Publication date: May 2007
Pages: 536
Illustrations: 500

Size:295 x 245 mm

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