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Ancestors & Rituals
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Ancestors & Rituals
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Ancestors & Rituals

Europalia 2017

Daud Tanudirjo, Pieter ter Keurs

From Sumatra to Java, from the Moluccas to Papua: across the whole of Indonesia, ancestors have played and still play a leading role. The cults and representations are evidence of an enormous diversity, power and poetry. This unique introduction to Indonesia starts out from cultural heritage, but also poses topical questions about the place of traditions and rituals in contemporary society. Never before exhibited archaeological and ethnographic treasures are brought together with unique footage and interviews. In collaboration with the National Museum in Jakarta and numerous collections from all four corners of the archipelago. information >

ISBN: 9789461613776
Publication date: Oct 2017
Pages: 208
Illustrations: 200

Size:22 x 28

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